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Looking for a Kids Indoor Inflatable Playground that’s super close to Arlington Heights, IL?

JZ is the coolest kids party place around and excellent for your kids birthday parties, school field trips, day care events, fundraisers, and special occasions. We have many open play times available to accommodate individual kid fun with their family and friends, whether your rewarding your child for a job well done in school or just promoting healthy exercise activities. We encourage early childhood education in a fun, safe, and healthy way that will not only exercise your boys and girls body, but also stimulate their young minds. Now is the time their lifestyle habits are molding their future. Our indoor inflatable kids place is great for families trying to spend time with their loved ones and help teach them the importance of sharing, group/team building, problem solving and patience.

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Yelp Reviews on Kid Parties Arlington Heights, IL See more of our real kids party reviews on Yelp

3 out of 5 Stars

“$10 for your kid to run, jump, slide and be noisy for the sake of getting all of his or her energy out of their system? DEAL!

Unfortunately for me, my son (2yrs old) was petrified of everything that was inflated. After a couple of adventures (and arm burns) down the slides, he decided he had enough of bouncy things and was far more comfortable on the padded mat with toys that didn't bounce.

I wish there were more food options, aside from the randomly-priced vending machine. But I get why the options are so limited. You don't want a place full of pizza-filled kids jumping non-stop. That can only end in disaster.

In time, we'll go back and I'm sure he'll have fun. But this time around it was just a-ok.” ˜ Mark F

5 out of 5 Stars

“Great place for birthdays if you have a toddler! My son always gets excited when coming here and definitely works off all his energy. Fun place where I don’t have to follow my kid around making sure he’s Okay.” ˜ Diana P

5 out of 5 Stars

“I thought the Jump Zone is Niles was great until I went to this one last weekend. It's a bit smaller, but that works to its favor. It's much less crowded and you can see your child from almost any vantage point. They have several closed captioned televisions playing different channels, and a small "cafe" area with vending machines. I just wish they had actual couches like the Niles location instead of hard plastic benches.

Like Niles, they also have a small baby/small toddler play area but it's not sectioned off. I will definitely be back to this one. It's also a convenient location if you're looking for nearby lunch options. It's at Deerfield Parkway and Milwaukee Avenue, with a strip mall just across the street with a handful of eateries.” ˜ Tasha P

4 out of 5 Stars

“A great place to take the kids to let them run, jump and have fun. Its clean, open and has a play area for toddlers as well. The benches in the middle of JZ allows you to keep tabs on where your kids are. They also have many rooms available for birthday parties.” ˜ Alan R

Google Reviews for Boy & Girl Party in Arlington Heights View more legit Google reviews on our kids parties

5 out of 5 Stars

“We Loved the whole experience and atmosphere, this place is great Our coordinator did a fantastic job to make this the easiest party we've ever had, and staff was extremely helpful and friendly! Not a bunch of snobby teens texting on their iphones. Very big thank you to the front for modifying the party cost since we had several no-shows. (BOO!) It was unexpected and greatly appreciated, a first in my book. My son had a super fun party! All the kids had a great time too! We would definitely book again. From a 'Mom' perspective pretty clean too! Thank you!” ˜ Elizabeth V

Quality Excellent – Appeal Excellent – Service Excellent

“The service for our party was outstanding! Everything was set-up properly, and all of our needs were attended to. The food came when they said it would. We had a bunch a no shows, and they adjusted our bill. The kids had a blast. They went absolutely ape. I like the way they have separate play areas for the littler kids. I was kinda worried that my really smaller guys would get trampled. The inflatables were nice and clean, and not all scummy. Same with the bathrooms as well as the changing stations. Our friends were very impressed with the service and the place. The manager came around and handed out coupons for open play, for next time we came. All in all, we just really wanted to thank you for making this the easiest party that we ever have thrown. You're definitely a staple in out birthday party lineup. You guys are the best. Thank you!!” ˜ Chris Tovar

3 out of 3 Rating

“What a great facility. We had our twins birthday party at Jump Zone and had a wonderful time. The staff set up the party room and all I had to do was meet and greet our guests. Never thought having a birthday party would be so easy.”

3 out of 3 Rating

“Our sons 4th birthday at Jump Zone was perfect. This is the cleanest kids facility I have ever been in and the staff could not have been more organized. Everyone that came to the party raved about how much fun they had.”

3 out of 3 Rating

“I was very impressed with both the facility and the staff. I had never been to the Jump Zone in Buffalo Grove before I booked my party, and I was very pleasantly surprised. The party and the staff who were there that day were phenomenal. Very organized and on top of things. The kids all had a great time, and the birthday girls were thrilled. I would definitely recommend this facility to a friend (in fact I already have). I cannot say enough good things about our experience.”

3 out of 3 Rating

“We just had our daughters 5th birthday party at Jump Zone and it was fantastic. The staff were great and did everything for us. The birthday girl had great time and we could not have been happier with the great service.”

Overall Excellent Rating

“A lot of the parents made comments about how nice and clean the facility was. They also liked the fact that it was very bright inside. It was nice that there where places for people to sit. A couple of parents said they would consider having their child's birthday party there as well.” ˜ Lisa J

Kid Birthday Parties in Arlington Heights IL

Kidwinks Reviews on Indoor Kids Party Arlington Heights Take a look at more parent reviews on Kidwinks

5 out of 5 Rating

“Best easiest party I've ever thrown for my son. The party hosts were excellent and super nice and helpful. They also let you bring in certain types of outside food and drinks. I've never had a place that would let you do that. I saved a ton of money bringing in my own drinks for the kids, and snacks, and desserts. They also give you free plates, napkins, cups, invites. And they don't give you an attitude when you haul all the stuff in like you're a cheapo. They actually help you set up. Best part is they clean it all up after you're done. Was by far the best experience for the least amount of money. Only problem we encountered is that we forgot to bring a lighter to light the candles. When my daughter turns 4 this year, we're definitely coming back. Thanks again for the great service! Easiest party I've had yet!” ˜ JoonBugsy

5 out of 5 Rating

“I love taking my kids here. The place is very clean, and my kids love playing on all the inflatables. It even brings out the kid in me.” ˜ Jamie J

5 out of 5 Rating

“Great place to take the kids.”

4 out of 5 Rating

“This place is great for a rainy or cold day to take your kids to run off some energy. We used Groupon and got a 6 pass to here and take advantage of it on rainy days. My daughter is 2 1/2 and some of the slides a little big for her, but that doesn't stop her. She loves inflatables. The place was very clean.”

5 out of 5 Rating

“I cannot thank you enough for making my son’s birthday a wonderful, stress free event!. All of my guests complimented the facility and staff!” ˜Jane

5 out of 5 Rating

“It was my first time at a Jump Zone, I heard wonderful things about the place, but it really went over my expectations. We all had a great time and so did everyone else” ˜ Debbie

5 out of 5 Rating

“Great place to exhaust your kids. Inflatables that interest young children as well as older kids. Very clean and organized.” ˜ Amy W

5 out of 5 Rating

“Just had a birthday party at Jump Zone and it was fantastic. Big inflatables and staff did everything for me. Easiest birthday party I ever had for my child.” ˜ Kim F

Yahoo Reviews on Indoor Kids Party Arlington Hts, IL Read more actual indoor kids party reviews on Yahoo

5 out of 5 Stars

“I took my kids here for a birthday party and they had a blast. Even the parents had fun, watching them from the lounge area on a few HD TVs.

The staff was amazing, friendly and pretty much took care of everything.” ˜ Chris T.

5 out of 5 Stars

“It was my first time at a Jump Zone, I heard wonderful things about their kids party place, but it really went over my expectations. We all had a great time and so did everyone else.”

5 out of 5 Stars

“Had a wonderful time at Jump Zone. The staff were fantastic and all the kids commented on much fun they had at the party.”

5 out of 5 Stars

“Jump Zone was extremely helpful in making sure everything was set up for us. Great Service, I really liked how the staff assisted with the party and bringing the kids gifts to the car.”

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Testimonials from Parents, like you, about their Boys & Girls Parties by Arlington Heights, IL

“The management and support staff were superb. It was an excellent experience and I will recommend this place to all my friends. Thank you for all your great work.” ˜ Paul S

“The staff was amazingly helpful - Brittany and Anna in particular who handled my party. The facility was extremely clean and the place was wonderful far better than Pump it Up. The owner, Bernice, was awesome!! Her customer service and follow up were remarkable and the staff was helpful friendly and patience. Thanks for making my daughter's 5th birthday party great!” ˜ Julie and Frank V

“Thank you for making Nathaniel's 2nd birthday a success! Your staff was so friendly and attentive. I really appreciated that your staff took care of all of the little details (helping to set up, greeting guests, taking shoes and gifts to the room, plating food etc) so I could enjoy the party too. Getting the deluxe package was by far the best choice… This was the easiest party to throw! Thank you for taking such good care of us.” ˜ Kathleen W

“We were very happy with the service overall. It was, in fact, a very pleasant experience to communicate with the staff. Thank you for your attention to detail and prompt service. I already recommended this place to a friend. Thank you!… Keep it up!” ˜ Angelica V

“Jump Zone is our favorite inflatable place! It's so clean! We love it!” ˜ Shelly K

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